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HerStory Untold: Josephine's Journey

Updated: May 6

In the heart of Surety's HerStory Untold lies the tale of Josephine, a woman who embodies resilience, hope, and an unwavering spirit.

As the owner of a small training, coaching, and mentoring business, Josephine's life is a testament to the power of "hard work and heart work." An animal lover, taekwondo enthusiast, music aficionado, and avid traveler, Josephine's multifaceted personality shines through every challenge she faces.

Surety Herstory Untold  Breast Cancer
Diagnosed with breast cancer at 47, Josephine's journey into an accelerated menopause at 51 is both unique and enlightening.

Her story is more than the physical and emotional trials of menopause and cancer but about the profound lessons learned and the strength garnered from adversity.

Josephine describes the onset of menopause symptoms as a blend of fatigue, aching bones, numbness, and occasional hot flushes, which were intertwined with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Despite these challenges, her spirit remained unbroken.

"Having to go through bodily changes and challenges was really tiring and tough. But having divine purpose and focusing on spiritual purpose helps," Josephine shares.

Her faith and her son have been her pillars of strength, motivating her to push through the toughest times.

In navigating the emotional and mental health challenges, Josephine emphasizes the importance of a positive outlook. "I'm not a fan of adopting a victim mentality. Instead, I prefer a more positive approach. I've started counting my days backward, making each one count by dedicating time to help others and make a meaningful difference." she explains. This mindset has guided her in managing menopausal symptoms and facing breast cancer treatment head-on.

When it comes to treatments and strategies, Josephine advocates for a pragmatic and thankful approach to life. Accepting symptoms matter-of-factly, being patient, and kind to oneself, and cherishing the small blessings are her ways of coping.

Although the journey necessitated lifestyle adjustments, including dietary changes and an attempt at a more active lifestyle, Josephine admits the challenge of balancing everything while wearing multiple hats.

The support network of family, friends, and medical professionals has been a cornerstone of her journey, providing confidence and positive thinking during the toughest times. This experience has reshaped Josephine's perception of health, aging, and wellness, prioritizing meaningful connections, and embracing a motto shared by a close pastor of hers:

"Keep going, keep growing, and keep glowing."

To those entering perimenopause, menopause, or facing health challenges like breast cancer, Josephine offers words of wisdom: "Take it step by step and know that you’re not alone... Never give up and just live life as you would have liked to. Just be kind to yourself, listen to your body, and adjust your lifestyle to focus on what matters!"

In closing, Josephine's message is a beacon of hope:

"Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up! Going through physical challenges don’t have to break you. It is our inner strength that keeps us going... Let’s see beyond the illness or the situation and work towards a better tomorrow."

Josephine’s story is a powerful reminder that even when life throws challenges our way, we can face them with courage and come out stronger. She hopes her story will encourage others to keep going, no matter what.


About Josephine's coaching

Josephine operates a coaching service specializing in personal and professional development for schools, corporations, and community groups. She offers programs in leadership, empowerment, and relationships, with a focus on mentoring women and youths.

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