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Welcome to Corporate Involvements – where corporate wellness meets social responsibility. At Surety, we believe that the health of our employees is the health of our company. As Singapore’s premier wellness platform, we specialize in curating corporate offerings that prioritize the well-being of mature employees, particularly through their perimenopause and menopause journeys.

Statistics have shown...


employees have experienced menopause symptoms while working


felt that the menopausal symptoms

affect them negatively at work


reported experiencing at least one instance where menopausal symptoms prevented them from working.


who are unsupported say their menopause symptoms have a mostly negative effect on them at work


had not spoken to an employer or manager at work about their menopause symptoms

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR initiatives are deeply rooted in creating a positive impact within our community and beyond. We spearhead events and programs that not only raise awareness but also actively involve corporate teams in addressing the health and wellness needs of mature individuals. Through workshops, seminars, and wellness activities, we aim to inspire and engage all levels of an organization in the collective pursuit of a healthier, more vibrant society.

Employee Wellness Journey

We understand that the journey through perimenopause and menopause is unique and can significantly impact an individual’s work life. That’s why we offer a structured wellness program tailored to support our corporate partners' employees through this transition. Our initiative includes educational workshops led by health experts, access to digital resources for self-guided learning, and facilitated support groups to foster a community of understanding and shared experiences within the workplace.

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Let's CHAMPION a cause in Asia!

Join hands with Surety in championing a cause that touches the lives of many. Together, we can build not only a healthier workforce but also a more compassionate and inclusive corporate world.

Contact us to tailor a corporate wellness program that aligns with your organization’s values and our shared mission for a healthier tomorrow!

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