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HerStory Untold #2: Spotlight on Lipeng's Resilient Path into Peri-Menopause

Updated: May 6

In the lush greenery of Singapore, Lipeng, a 47-year-old yoga teacher and former architect, reflects on her transformative journey through peri-menopause—a journey unexpectedly accelerated by a breast cancer diagnosis in her early thirties.

Lipeng for Surety
Her story about the physical changes that come with peri-menopause and personal growth, spiritual awakening, and embracing femininity in a profound new way

A Life Built on Beauty and Balance

Lipeng's career as an architect allowed her to shape environments with precision and creativity, but her true calling lay in the balance of body and mind. Her passion for yoga and alternative health practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda became her sanctuary, offering new ways to explore health and wellness beyond the conventional.

Women doing yoga in a field
Her days are enriched with practices that nourish her body and soul—whether it’s meditative strolls through nature or quiet moments with a cup of chai.

“Hello! I am Lipeng, aged 47,” she introduces herself with a calm and inviting smile. Her life, marked by two decades in architecture, has transitioned to a focus on wellness and self-discovery. “I’m a yoga practitioner and have been teaching yoga since 2015,” Lipeng shares.

The Unexpected Catalyst

Lipeng’s encounter with menopause came earlier than most. Diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer at 33, she faced an aggressive treatment regimen that included chemotherapy and a Goserelin injection, plunging her into medically induced menopause.

“I discovered a hard lump in the shower one day,” she recounts, a moment that starkly divided her life into before and after.

The temporary menopause brought on by treatment was just a preview of what was to come.

A Sacred Transformation into Menopause Journey

Years later, as natural menopause began, Lipeng felt the full spectrum of changes: insomnia, irregular periods, and intense hot flushes.

“Peri-menopause about 2 years ago started with these symptoms,” she explains, detailing the physical challenges that echoed her earlier medical menopause.

But for Lipeng, this wasn’t just a series of physical symptoms to manage—it was a sacred stage of transformation.

“This stage for me is sacred, physically, mentally, and spiritually,” she muses. As her body began the natural process of aging, Lipeng embraced it as a powerful reminder of life's impermanence and the importance of living authentically.

“It makes me examine my life and motivates me to live out the rest of my years in the best way, on my own terms,” she reflects.

Reclaiming Femininity

Amid these changes, Lipeng confronted her relationship with femininity—a facet of her identity that had been overshadowed by years in a male-dominated field and a family dynamic devoid of strong male figures.

“I have been suppressing my expressions of femininity to fit in or to take the lead because I believed it was the only way,” she acknowledges.

Now, in the throes of peri-menopause, she finds joy in rediscovering and honoring her femininity, exploring new forms of creativity and expression.

Holistic Healing and Support

Women on Yoga Mat in Nature
Throughout her journey, Lipeng has found solace in holistic practices.

Regular visits to her TCM doctor, daily nature walks, and yoga have all been crucial in managing her symptoms and maintaining balance. “Walking daily in nature, yoga with deep breathing, and meditation practice are part of my toolkit for tough times,” she notes.

Her support network has also been vital. From online support groups during her cancer treatment to the guidance of her TCM doctor through peri-menopause, these relationships have provided understanding and care that were essential to her wellbeing.

Sharing Wisdom and Empowerment

Woman doing yoga in the sun
“By sharing and talking about it, I hope that more women can be more prepared,” she states.

Today, Lipeng is more outspoken about her menopausal experience, driven by a desire to empower other women.

Her message is one of resilience and proactive health management—themes that resonate deeply with Surety’s mission to empower women through their golden years.

As she continues to share her story, she inspires others to embrace their journeys with grace and strength. With Surety, she finds not only a platform to amplify her voice but also a community of individuals passionate about thriving, no matter what challenges they face!

Her final message to others entering this stage of life, especially those confronting health challenges, is profound yet simple:

“Be kind to yourself. Take the time to reflect on any internal emotional knots... and find times of solitude and quietness in nature. Connect with your spirit, listen to your inner voice, and be at peace with it.”

In Lipeng's story, we find a narrative of overcoming and vibrant invitation to transform and flourish.


About Yoga Bliss Divine by Lipeng

Lipeng has been teaching yoga since 2015. Her classes are a blend of traditional yoga postures, mindful breathing and relaxation, with an emphasis on the flexibility of the spine.

You can find out more about her classes at


Join her and Surety in redefining the menopause experience—one story, one lesson, one empowered woman at a time.

Contact us at to share your story!


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