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Vaginal pH Rapid Test Panel

Vaginal pH Rapid Test Panel

REimagined Vaginal Health in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

The vagina is naturally moderately acidic. Changes in vaginal acidity can be caused by the menstrual cycle, or some kinds of antibiotic medication, or douching. A high vaginal pH level can lead to a high risk of bacterial or yeast infections and could cause issues if you are pregnant or are attempting to get pregnant. If you suspect that you may have some health issue with your vagina, self-testing for your vaginal pH is the first step to figuring out what your issue may be, and if you need to see your doctor.



The Buzud Vaginal pH Rapid Test Panel is a very accurate test to detect the pH levels in female vaginal swab specimens to help with identifying a possible infection in the vagina and aid in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. Testing for your vaginal pH level is one of the initial steps to identify for the possibility of a vaginal infection, which can lead to serious health issues, especially for pregnant women and their fetus. Being able to self-test in the comfort and privacy of your own home can be very helpful to many people who suspect that they may have vaginal health issues, and to know if they need to further consult their doctor.



  • The Vaginal pH rapid test is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the pH level of the vagina. The vaginal pH level plays a crucial role in maintaining vaginal health and can be an indicator of certain vaginal conditions. The test is designed to measure the pH level of the vaginal environment. The pH scale ranges from acidic (low pH) to alkaline (high pH). The test helps determine if the vaginal pH is within the normal range or if there is an imbalance.
  • Rapid results: The Vaginal pH rapid test provides quick results within a short period, typically within a few minutes. This allows for immediate assessment of the vaginal pH level.
  • Easy to use: The test is designed for easy and convenient self-administration or can be performed by a healthcare professional. It involves using a swab or test strip to collect a vaginal sample and then comparing the color change or reading the pH level on the provided kit.
  • pH level interpretation: The test typically includes clear instructions and color-coded result indicators for easy interpretation. Users can match the color or numerical reading obtained from the test with the corresponding pH level range to determine if the vaginal pH is within the normal range or if there is a potential imbalance.
  • Vaginal health assessment: By measuring the vaginal pH level, the test can provide insights into vaginal health and help identify potential imbalances. An abnormal pH level may indicate conditions such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or other vaginal issues.
  • Screening tool: The Vaginal pH rapid test serves as an initial screening tool to detect potential vaginal pH imbalances. It can help individuals identify the need for further evaluation or medical attention if the pH level is abnormal or symptoms are present.
  • Home or clinical use: The test can be performed at home or in a clinical setting, depending on the specific product and individual preference. It offers convenience and privacy for those who prefer self-testing.
  • Early intervention: Detecting an abnormal vaginal pH level using the rapid test allows for early intervention and appropriate management of vaginal conditions. Timely treatment can help restore vaginal health and prevent complications.

This product supported by Fosun Information Technology, is approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and is also widely approved by health authorities globally.

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