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One-Step Microalbuminuria Test

One-Step Microalbuminuria Test

REimagined Microalbuminuria Test

The One-step Microalbuminuria (MAU) Test is made for the rapid detection of microalbuminuria (MAU) in urine specimens. This test kit is used as an aid in indicating of incipient nephropathy and for increased risk of cardiovascular complications such as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDM).



The One-step Microalbuminuria (MAU) test is a test for detecting the levels of albumin in urine specimens.

Microalbuminuria is when slightly high levels of the protein albumin is detected in the urine specimen. That could be an early indication of kidney disease, especially if other health conditions like diabetes are already present.



  • Non-invasive testing: The One-step MAU test is a non-invasive test that requires a urine sample. It does not involve any invasive procedures or discomfort for the individual being tested.
  • Quick results: The One-step MAU test provides rapid results within a short period, usually within a few minutes. This allows for immediate assessment of the presence of albumin in the urine sample.
  • Easy to use: The One-step MAU test is designed for simplicity and convenience. It often comes with clear instructions for collecting a urine sample and performing the test, making it user-friendly.
  • Early detection: The One-step MAU test can help detect kidney damage at an early stage, even before visible symptoms or signs are present. Early detection allows for timely intervention and appropriate medical follow-up.
  • Surveillance and monitoring: The One-step MAU test can also be used for surveillance and monitoring purposes in individuals who have pre-existing health conditions that put them at risk of microalbuminuria. It helps assess the effectiveness of interventions and monitor for potential recurrence or progression.

This product supported by Fosun Information Technology, is approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and is also widely approved by health authorities globally.

Expected to ship by Jan'24
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