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Discover our key takeaways from recent events and gain valuable tips and strategies for managing your health and wellness journey!

Recap of #MenoMatters: Emotional Resilience for Mature Women










On 15 March 2023, we hosted an insightful event titled 'Emotional Resilience for Mature Women,' focusing on mental health management, the importance of supplements and nutrition, and overall wellbeing for women as they age. Our expert speakers guided the attendees through valuable information and practical strategies to enhance their quality of life.

We were privileged to have two esteemed speakers at the event:

  1. Lilian Ong, Registered Counselor at Our Wellness Journey Singapore. Lilian shared her expertise on managing mental health, offering various practical strategies that women can implement in their daily lives. She discussed the importance of emotional resilience, especially for mature women facing unique challenges related to aging.

    • Self-care and engaging in activities that you enjoy can improve your mental wellbeing, such as cooking and taking walks in nature.​

    • Becoming aware of your emotions and observing them, rather than acting on them immediately, can help you gain better control over your thoughts and make better decisions. 

  2. Ketki Vinayachandra, Naturopath, whose practice is called natural medicine at askKetki, focused on the role of supplements and nutrition in promoting overall wellbeing for mature women. She provided valuable information on essential nutrients and dietary changes that can positively impact women's health as they age. 

    • Food can affect your hormones, which in turn, affects your mood​

    • Supplements such a Vitamin B can help with mood swings 

The 'Emotional Resilience for Mature Women' event was a success, thanks to our expert speakers, supportive venue, and engaged attendees. We hope that the insights and practical strategies shared at the event will inspire women to prioritize their mental health, embrace supplements and nutrition, and focus on self-care as they journey through the different stages of life.​

Special thanks to: 

  • Wellness Journey - Lilian Ong

  • AskKetki - Ketki Vinayachandra

  • Doorgifts from, MD Therapeutics, East Spring Investments, Sigi Skin and Schroders

  • Location courtesy of Summit Planners Crusaders

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We are proud to announce that we have hosted our VERY FIRST event on 04 Nov 2022! It is often that we link Menopause Management to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), however, the talk shed some light that there are management options from eastern medication as well!

Some Key Takeaways:

1) TCM for Menopause Management - You can incorporate the following into your meals/drinks to help with alleviating certain menopause-linked symptoms such as Hot Flashes:

  • 大枣 - Red dates

  • 百合 - Lily bulbs

  • 莲子心 - Lotus seed

  • 浮小麦 - Blighted wheat

2) Long Term Consequences of Menopause

  • ​Osteoporosis

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Urogenital Atrophy

We believe in being the collective voice and creating a support system for ladies going through the menopausal phase of their life by curating workshops, events and talks. Join us and make your transition into this phase of your life a smoother journey! 

Special Thanks to: 

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