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From Whispers to Roars: The New Menopause Movement

Taboos Surrounding Women's Experiences

Topics related to women's experiences often appear taboo. The current generation of perimenopausal women grew up in an era with limited sex education, frequently whispered about. As girls entered puberty, the concept of "Period Shame" emerged. Some cultures interpreted a girl's first menstruation as a marker of marriage readiness, compelling them to privately process this significant change.

Adulthood Challenges

By their 30s, many women navigated pregnancy with fragmented information. They observed elder women handling hot flashes and mood fluctuations. Yet, discussions about their own menstrual irregularities and physical alterations remained guarded, influenced by societal judgments and aging fears. This reticence frequently hindered professional growth, affecting promotions, salary increments, and personal decisions.

Deep-rooted Silence

A vast number of women, as in several pivotal life moments, tread into perimenopause under-informed. They fear seeming outdated, particularly upon disclosing reproductive status or displaying aging signs. Bluntly, society often views them through a patriarchal, misogynistic lens.

This self-imposed silence spans generations. Whether it arises from individual choices or societal taboos remains ambiguous. Women carry this burden, anxious about being perceived as aged or incapable. An IPSOS survey highlighted "menopause" as the least discussed among 11 topics for both genders, including physical health and financial status.

Gender Inequality and Branding

This pattern underscores profound gender inequality. Few brands recognize the worth of targeting those over 50.

Surety's Contribution

Surety endeavours to debunk these regional perceptions and dissolve the stigma tied to women's health. We identify a glaring information void, rooted in handed-down myths and neglect. To bridge this, we offer detailed articles on the Surety platform.

We advocate that perimenopausal women shouldn't await brand endorsements. Instead, they should indulge in self-care, using products that rejuvenate their skin and offer comfort. With children growing independent and sometimes partners becoming emotionally remote, it is prime time for self-love, nurturing friendships, joining hobby groups, and embarking on solo journeys. Surety commemorates such women through events like the 'Surety Goodness Photoshoot' during Menopause Awareness Month.

Read more about it here!

Promoting Open Dialogue

Conversations on hormonal health and menopause with the younger lot can foster understanding. This not only equips them for future challenges but also counters ageism, nurturing empathy across age groups.

Ageism in Singapore

Singapore's white paper on women indicates that ageism, interlinked with respect and inclusivity, emerges around perimenopause. A 2023 SAWA study unveiled biases that label older women as less efficient, further alienating them. Career-driven older individuals often face hurdles like restricted opportunities and subtle discrimination.

Organizations like AWARE, PPIS, and the Tsao Foundation under SAWA seek to heighten awareness on aging-related inequality.

Looking Ahead

Marginalizing elders is counterproductive. By 2030, one-fourth of Singaporeans will surpass 65. An inclusive society must address ageism, encompassing prejudices and derogatory perceptions.

Recommendations include reinforcing policy protections, caregiver support, stereotype-combating initiatives, and nurturing intergenerational ties. With nearly 900,000 seniors expected by 2030, Singapore aligns with the World Health Organization's sustainable goals, aiming for age-friendly habitats.


Important Notes: This article is meant purely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Always consult a medical professional for specific advice on your health. This article has not been reviewed by any medical professionals or legal bodies. We are not sponsored for any product or service recommendations made within this article.


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